Delaware River Bassmasters

Club News 5/28/16

The season is going well so far Fairview lake on June 25th went like this owner #1 Braden his rider Don Murphy,owner #2 Mark his rider Tyler, owner #3 John Vaughn his rider Dave Cybuck, owner #4 Ryan his rider Bart, owner #5 his rider Dan, owner #6 Fran his rider George. the time will be 5am to 1 pm. the draw for Aeroflex on July 9th went like this owner #1 dennis his rider Bart, owner #2 John Vaughn his rider Don Murphy, owner #3 Dave Cybuck his rider George, owner #4 Fran his rider Dan, owner #5 mark, owner #6 Bob Warfsman,owner #7 Dave Beers, owner #8 Ryan. Any owners by themselves if you can find a rider great let Dennis know if you do. The time is 5am to 1 pm. Good luck to all going to Cayuga.

Club News 10/17/15

Well we made it through another season and what a season, alot of news records were set most fish caught in a season by all and by one person, highest place for season by a rider, most weight caught by a single person in a season, most weight caught by all in a season. Well done by all. the last tournament started out cold but not as bad as we thought it was suppose to have been. Fishing was tough but we did catch fish. No limits were caught but I did get 4 that was enough for first place with 8.71 lbs. and that was also just enough to put me over 100 lbs for the year 100.68 lbs. 2nd was Fran with 2 fish that weighed 5.01 with the help of a 3.67 lb SM that was lunker, 3rd was C.J. with 3 fish that weighed 4.83 lbs. this kept him in second place for the year which I think is the highest place for a rider ever in the club GREAT JOB C.J., 4th place was Don Murphy with 3 fish weighing 4.72, fifth place was Dave Beers with 2 fish weighing 3.76, sixth place was John Pip with 1 fish weighing 2.01, seventh place was George with 1 fish weighing 1.25,  Dan and Braden tied for 8th place. See you all in Nov. we pick for dates and lakes for next year so if you want to fish your favorite lake be sure to be there to get your vote in.   Well thats it for now.  Your Prez Mark

Club News 10/3/15

A real battle with the elements today but we all still caught fish. There was 3 limits caught. Fran had a limit that weighed 8.51 lbs. that put him first, Dennis also had a limit that weighed 7.88 lbs. for second place, I had four fish that weighed 7.50 lbs for third place, Don had a limit that weighed 6.77 lbs. for fourth place and also had lunker 3.38 lbs., fifth place was John Pip with two fish that weighed 4.25 lbs., sixth place with two fish was C.J. they weighed 2.37 lbs. seventh place with one fish was Dave Cybuck it weighed 2.20 lbs. The overall standings are still close for second to fifth place then sixth to ninth place and tenth to 12th. I think I have first place locked up now with one tournament to go I am up by 21.68 lbs over second place. Our next meeting is the 14th we will be voting for officers, going over tournament rules picking for our last tournament at Beltsville. Hope to see you there thats it for now.  Your Prez Mark

Club News 9/19/15

Day started out a little foggy but it did finally clear up Fishing was so so for most of us, C.J. was able to find a limit which was the only one. So that gave him 1st with a weight of 11.38, 2nd was Me with 5.85, 3rd was Fran with 4.86 a lunker of 3.02, 4th was Braden with 4.85, 5th was Don with 4.00, 6th was John Pip with 2.44, 7th was Dave Cybuck with 1.19 followed by Dan, John Vaughn, and George. The year to date standings are getting tight with 2 tournaments left alot of positions could change so you don't want to miss the last two. Next Tournament is Lake Wallenpuapak on Oct 3rd at the Capri launch. Hope to see you all thereThats it for now your Prez Mark.

Club News 8/23/15

Saturday was a great day for fishing all though some of us the day was not so good alot of boat troubles. 9 limits were caught but we did have some dead fish problems. The guys that stayed for the week I think we all had a great time. The food was great brought to you by chef John Vaughn and chef George Shook THANKS AGAIN for all your hard work in the kitchen everything was great. The results were Me in 1st with a limit but 1 dead fish wgt. 14.38 and 2nd lunker 3.86, 2nd was C.J. with a limit wgt. 14.19 anchered by 1st lunker 4.14, 3rd was Dave Cybuck with a limit wgt. 10.80, 4th was John Piperato with a limit wgt 10.61, 5th was George Shook with a limit wgt. 10.22, 6th Ryan Peterson with a limit wgt. 9.38 7th was Dennis emery with a limit wgt 8.77, 8th was Don Murphy with a limit wgt 8.69, 9th was Branden with a limit wgt 7.57, 10th was Tyler with 4 fish wgt 6.48, 11th was Fran with 3 fish wgt 4.75 12th was Jon Vito with 1 fish wgt 2.41,13th was John Vaughn with 1 fish wgt 1.59, 14th was Dave Beers who had to leave early. Our next Meeting is Sept. 9th at 7:30 hope to see you all there we will be taking noms. for club officers and drawing for Lake Nockamixon on the 19th of Sept. Thats it for now your Prez Mark

Club News 7/24/15

Real nice day for fishing but I guess the fish didn't think so t was pretty tough fishin at least I thought so. Only two limits were caught and they were only in the 6 lb range, Alot of 3 fish bags some two fish and acouple of single fish. Braden is on a roll he took 1st for the third time in a row with one of the limits that went 6.62 lbs. I took 2nd with a limit that went 6.43 lbs. and also had lunker that went 2.36 lbs. 3rd was John Pip with 3 fish that went 4.20, 4th was CJ with 3 fish that went 4.00 lbs. 5th was Tyler 3 fish that went 3.76 lbs, than Don with 3.06,Fran with 2.94, Dave Cybuck with 2.58, Ryan with 2.25, Jon Vito with 2.19, Dan with 1.88, Shane with 1.06, George with .88 than John V. and Dave Beers. Don't forget out next Meeting on the 12th of August we will be going over out trip to Cayuga the week of  August 16th to the 23rd. Hope to see you all at the meeting your Prez Mark

Club News 7/11/15

Nice day for fishing alot of fish were caught but not much weight for a five fish limit. Nobody caught a fish that weighed 2 lbs.  The results were pretty close all the way. Braden was 1st with 5 fish that went 5.82 lbs., Dave Beers was 2nd with 5 fish that went 5.76 lbs., Don was 3rd with 5 fish that went 5.21 lbs. with lunker at 1.70lbs. 4th was Tyler with 5 fish that went 4.81 lbs., 5th was me with 5 fish that went 4.70 lbs. 6th was Fran with 5 fish that went 4.45 lbs. 7th was Kyle with 5 fish that went 4.37 lbs. 8th was Ryan with 5 fish that went 4.19 lbs. 9th was Dennis with 5 fish that went 3.63 lbs. 10th was Dave Cybuck with 2 fish that went 1.63 followed by George with 2 fish at 1.50 then John Vaughn with 2 fish at 1.44 then Dan.  The standings has some changes in the standings they can be checked out on the standings page. See you all at our next Tournament on Lake Minsi start time is 5:30 at the back launch. Thats it for now Your Prez Mark

Club News 6/27/15

Pretty much a cold rainy lousy day for fishing but we all did catch fish some of us did fairly well. Some of the results were Braden was first with 5 fish at 10.94, 2nd was C J  with 5 fish at 10.46 anchored by a 3.83 Smallmouth for lunker of the day, 3rd was Dennis with5 fish at 8.75, 4th was me with 5 fish at 7.64, 5th was Pip with 3 fish at 6.71, 6th was Shane with 4 fish at 5.76, 7th was Fran with 3 fish at 5.54, 8th was Ryan with 2 fish at 4.11, 9th was Tyler with 3 fish at 3.7, 10th was Dave Beers with 2 fish at 3.62, 11th Dan, 12th George, and 13th Dave Cybuck. There are also some changes in the standings check it out on the standings page. Don't forget our meeting on the 8th at 7:30 we will be picking for Mauch Chunk on the 11th and Minsi on the 25th. Thats it for now Your Prez Mark

Club News 5/23/15

THAT was a cold start to a Tournament by the end of the day I was still not warmed up yet. Overall fishing wasn't to bad I think we were just alittle early to really hit it right. Some of the results were 1st place was Mark with 5 fish at 11.58, 2nd was Ryan with 5 fish at 11.00, 3rd was Tyler with 5 fish at 10.13, 4th was Fran with 4 fish at 10.01, 5th was Braden with 4 fish at 9.32 and also had lunker at 4.19 Smallmouth which is now smallmouth lunker for the year also. The standings are still pretty close Mark is 1st with 31.34, Ryan is 2nd with 26.84, Dave Beers is 3rd with 22.15, John Pip is 4th with 19.33, Fran is 5th with 18.07, and Bob Warfsman is 6th with 17.94. Don't Forget our next meeting in June right before we go to Oneida. And I think Stockertown Youth Day is coming up on the 6th of June.  Thats it for now Your Prez Mark

Club News 5/17/15

Good day of fishing weather was great the fish were there alittle hard to caught but most of us were able to catch some. The results for Aeroflex are up. Some of the results were 1st place Mark with 5 fish at 11.57, 2nd place was Ryan with 5 fish at 9.44, there was a tie for 3rd place with Dave Beers with 5 fish at 9.13 and George with 4 fish at 9.13 and lunker at 3.44, 5th was Bob Warfsman with 5 fish at 7.94, 6th was John Pip with 3 fish at 6.07, 7th was Fran with 3 fish at 6.06, 8th was C.J. with 3 fish at 5.94, 9th was Don with 3 fish at 4.75, 10th was Braden with 3 fish at 3.63, 11th Tyler with 2 fish at 2.88, 12th was John V. with 1 fish at 1.44, than Dan and Dennis. Don't forget our next Tournament at Merril Creek this Saturday start time is 6:00 All sixteen of us are fishing it should be a good one try and get there early so we can start on time it might be busy at the launch in the morning.  Hope to see you all there  Your Prez Mark  PS there also was some changes to the standings check that out on the standings page everything is still close so the standings will probably change each week so good luck to all.

Club News 5/9/15

Just got back from my dad's in N.C. that's why the report wasn't in yet. The results for Hopatcong are in now Dave Beers was 1st with 4 fish 7.70 lbs., John Pip was 2nd with 3 fish 4.94 lbs., C.J. was 3rd with 3 fish 4.88, Tyler was 4th with 2 fish 3.63 lbs. and also had lunker 2.75 Smallmouth, 5th was Shane with 1 fish followed by Ryan, Mark, Bob, George, and Don also each with 1 fish.   The standings are as follows Dave Beers 1st 8.51 lbs,  Mark 2nd 8.19 lb,John Pip 3rd 7.19 lbs. Ryan 4th 6.40 lbs. C.J. 5th 4.88 lbs. and Bob W. 6th 4.25. Lunker LM is 4.00 lbs. and Lunker SM is 2.75 lbs.  Don't forget our meeting on Wednesday the 13th we will be picking for aeroflex and Merril Creek. Hope to see you all there.      Your Prez Mark 

Club News 4/18/15

Well another season is under way! We did have a great day for fishing but I wish the fish would have been biting alittle better. No limits were caught I was able to catch three fish anchored with a 4 lb. Largemouth that is the lunker for the year so far ha ha My wgt was 6.81 with Ryan coming in second with two fish weighing 4.59 anchored by a 2.69 Smallmouth, third was John Vaughn with two Smallmouths weighing 3.50, fourth was Bob Warfsman with 1 fish weighing 3.06 Bob I don,t think your winnings will cover that motor sitting on the bottom, fifth was John Pip with one fish weighing 2.25, sixth was Fran with one fish weighing 2.00, seventh was Braden with one fish weighing 1.13, eighth was Dave Beers with one fish weighing .81 that was it for the fish caught except for the nice northerns that were caught by a number of people. Don't forget our next Tournament at Lake Hopatcong on May 2nd  start time is 07:00 am 

Club News 10/18/14

The day started out ok alittle cool but the fish were biting for some of us some of us lost fish. then the front came with heavy wind and rain. Things seemed to slow down alot after that Braden was able to caught the only limit that put him first for the day with a lunker smallmouth of 2.78 and total wgt of 9.95, I was second with 6.89, Don Murphy was third with 3.47, fourth was George Shook with 2.00, fifth was Dennis Emery with 1.53 followed by Fran and John V. Another shake up in the standing with this being the final totals except for some points for the last meeting when I find out who was there I can up date the totals I  do not think it will make any changes. The top six for this year is as follows First Mark O. , Second Braden H., Third Fran B., Fourth Dave B., Fifth Ryan P., Sixth Tyler S.. That is our regional team for next year. Congratulations too all for another great year alot of big fish and big weights were caught this year. Again THANKS to ALL for all the help it's great when the club works together like this club does it make I easier for the officers to do their job. See you all at the next meeting in Nov. alot of stuff to go over we mite have to have a meeting in Dec. if we can't get it all done in Nov. That's it for now Your Prez Mark

Club News 10/12/14

 Terrible for fishing but some of us found them. Big shake up in the standings Go to the standings page to check it out. The computer program took a dump so I had to do it all by hand if you see any mistakes let me know. We have a new Largemouth lunker of the year Fran got one 5.94 lbs. to anchor his first place total of 16.64 lbs. I was second with 16.01 lbs, third was Braden with 7.69 lbs. forth was Dennis with 5.25 lbs. fifth was George with 3.12 lbs. sixth was Dave B. with 2.81 lbs. seventh was Don with 1.38 lbs. eighth was John V. and Jerry.  See you all at Fairview on Saturday I think start time is 06:30.  Your Prez Mark O.

Club News 9/30/14

 Nice weekend tough fishing except for Don who found the big ones on Sunday afternoon.

 The rest of  us on Sunday had an even  worse day on Sunday. Saturday was also a tough day with no limits caught. For the year the top 6 places are very close. We have a tie for Lunker largemouth for the year now with both Bob Warfsman  and Don Murphy both having a 5.52 lb fish.  This is all I'm putting in for now I'm having problems with my computer and waiting for my new tower to get here. see you at the next meeting next Wedseday  Mark

Club News 8/2/14

Well at least the weather held out for us. I don't think the fishing was as good as it normally is. We did have 7 limits caught all in all I guess it was a good day. We had 43 bass caught. First place was Braden from the back of the boat with 5.76 lbs., 2nd was Dave Beers with 5.33 lbs., 3rd was Fran with 5.07 lbs., 4th was Tyler with 4.80 lbs. and he also ad lunker of 1.56 lbs. 5th was Ryan with 4.76 lbs. 6th was me with 4.64 lbs. a tie for 7th with Dennis and Bob Warfsman they both had 3.89 lbs. 9th was George with 2.19 lbs., 10th was John Vaughn with 1.63 lbs. And 11th was Don.  The standings for the top six are very close lest than 10 lbs. separates 1st from six. So  the next five tournaments should be interesting. Our next club meeting is the 13th hope to see you all there.  Your Prez Mark

Club News 7/20/14

Great day for a Tournament and the bass seemed to like it too yesterday. We had 48 bass caught, we have a new Lunker largemouth for the year so far of 5.52 lbs. caught by Bob Warfsman NICE FISH Bob. Bob took first place also with 11.10 lbs. followed by Braden with 9.14 lbs. third place was Cory Overholt, who decided to come fish with us, he had 7.89 lbs. fourth place was me with 7.19 lbs, fifth was Tyler with 6.44 lbs. sixth was Dave Beers with 5.94, seventh Don M. 5.79, eighth Ryan 5.73,ninth George 4.11, tenth Pip 3.93, eleventh C.J. 3.75, 12th Dave Cybuck 2.74 13th Fran 1.82, 14th John V. The standings for the year are real close the top 6 everyone has a change at first. from seventh to 13th in the next 6 Tournaments can get changed around alot. So it looks like you don't want to missed any tournaments for the rest of the year to stay in the running. Don't forget our next tournament on August 2nd at Mauch Chunk the pairings are #1 owner Fran rider George, #2 owner Tyler rider John V., #3 owner Bob W. rider Don M. #4 owner Ryan rider Braden, #5 owner Dave Beers rider Mark. #6 owner Dennis C.J. will not be able to fish so Dennis is by himself, #7 Owner John Pip. he is also by himself so if either of the last two have someone you can bring that will work the more the merrier. Don't forget that Mauch Chunk is a big bass lake so it's weigh in and scale Tournament. start time is 05:30 to 1:30 the Main launch.  

Club News 6/8/14

GREAT WEEKEND at the lake this weekend the weather was great and the fishing was great for most of us. I thought the cabins were great. Other than some boat problems for a couple of us I think things went very well. The results were good too. Braden was first with 5 fish that went 14.94 lbs., second was Branden, Braden's rider, with 5 fish 14.27 lbs., Third was Ryan another rider with 5 fish 13.75 lbs. fourth was me with 5 fish at 13.00 lbs. fifth was George with 5 fish at 12.56 lbs., sixth was Corey with 5 fish at 12.44' seventh was Dave beers with 5 fish at 11.38 lbs. eighth was Dennis with 5 fish at 11.19 lbs., ninth was Tyler with 5 fish at 10.50, tenth was Dave Cybuck with 5 fish at 9.75, eleventh was Don Murphy with 5 fish at 9.56, 12th was John Pip. with 5 fish at 9.44 and 13th was Fran Boylan with 4 fish at 6.44. Don't forget our meeting this wed. at 7:30 we pick for promiseland. and have some other stuff to go over hope to see you all there your Prez Mark

Club News 5/31/14

Fourth Tournament is in the books started out as a fairly nice day except when the wind picked up at the end of the day. Fishing was alittle tough I'd say we had post spawn conditions. You could catch fish but you really had to work for them. I was able to get a 1st place and lunker if you want to call it that 2.69lbs.  and a total wgt of 10.38lbs., Ryan and Tyler tied for 2nd both with 8.20 lbs., and 4th was Braden with 6.56 lbs., followed by Dave B., John P., Dennis E., John V., Don M., Corey P., Fran B., Bob W., and George S. Next Tournament is up at Cayuga. See you all there. Your Prez Mark O.                                                                    

Club News 5/18/14

Third Tournament is history for the most part started out cold but got better as the day went on. Fish are just starting to come up shallow. Fran crushed them today 1st place and both lunkers LM 5.25, SM 4.44 total wgt. 20.26lbs. 2nd place was Ryan Peterson with 5 fish wgt. 13.63, 3rd place was John Piperato coming out of his early season slump with 5 fish wgt 12.88, 4th place was Dave Beers with 4 fish wgt of 9.63, 5th was Tyler than Me, Corey, Dave C., Ken, Bob W.,Don M., Braden, George, and John V. Next Tournament is May 31st at Lake Aeroflex starting at 6 AM. See you all there in two weeks. Your Prez Mark 

Club News 5/10/14

Second tournament of the season sounds like the fishing is improving. Sorry I could not be there had some things that needed too be taken care of last minute. First place was Fran with five fish that went 11.75 lbs. and has smallmouth lunker so far at 3.25lbs., Second was Dave Beers with five fish that went 9.07 lbs., Third place went to one of our new guys Ken Farrell with five fish that went 8.14 lbs., fourth place went to the guy that almost didn't come CJ with four fish that went 8.01 lbs. and also had lunker for the day at 3.88 lbs. LM this is also lunker LM so far, Fifth was Tyler with five fish,then Dennis with three fish,Braden with five small fish,Ryan with three, George with two, John V. with one Don with one. Don't forget the meeting this Wednesday at 7:30 we have alot of stuff to go over.  See you all than Your Prez Mark

Club News 4/27/14

Another season is under way other than almost getting blown off the water our first tournament was OK. I think everyone was just catching fish randomly the more water you covered the more chance you had of catching fish. Overall we had 14 people fish 10 people caught fish. First place was Dennis with three fish that went 6.94 lbs. he also caught lunker 3.75 LM, second place was Dave Beers with four fish at 6.50 lbs, third was Fran with two fish at 3.32 lbs also he has Lunker SM at 2.19 lbs., fourth was Tyler with one fish at 2.31 lbs, Then me, Bob Warfsman,Jon Vito, George. Ken, and Dave Cybuck. That was all that caught fish. John Vaughn, CJ, Ryan and John Pip also fished. Our next Tournament is Lake Hopatcong on May 10th starting at 7:00am don't forget there is a launch fee of 18.00 that is split between the owner and rider. Make sure your boat is up to snuff sometimes the inspectors are there to check your boat.  I hope see you all there. Your Prez Mark

Club News 11/29/13

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!! As far as I know we have two cabins reserved for Cayuga on sleeps 6 people which has 4 people so far the other sleeps four I'm not sure how many are in that one. If everyone comes we will need one more cabin that sleeps four. It should end up cost each guy 50.00 more the cabins that's arriving on Thursday and going home on Sunday. We can work out the rest later. We also have to see if we want to change the September Tournament weekend from Cayuga lake to a different Lake since we are going there in June or if we still want to go there in September. Thats it for now your Prez Mark

Club News 10/5/13

The Last Tournament is history A great day for fishing a fair day for catching. Bob O' Dell took First place and lunker with two nice fish, I took second with 1 nice fish and one small one, Fran was third with 3 small fish Dave Beers was 4th with 2 small fish, Matt Moore a guest of Braden's took 5th with one fish, Don was 6th John P. 7th,Dennis and Braden tied for 8th with each having one fish weighing .81lbs. 10th was George and eleventh was Corey P. Now for the standings another really close race for first. First and second place were only separated by 7 points again the same as last year only this time Fran came out on the winning end CONGRATS TO FRAN for taking First place. Right behind Fran was Dave Beers a first year club member Congrats to Dave for taking Second place the first year in the club. Third place was Braden, Fourth place myself ,Fifth place Bob Warfsman, Sixth place Tyler in his first full year in the club. Another close race was for 7th place which was only separated by 7 points John Pip. took 7th and right behind him was Don M. in 8th, then 9th and 10th place was separated by only 5 points With Dennis just edging out George for 9th. The Rest of the standings are on the Standings page.  It was another Great year for the club, alot of great new members joining this year that made the year that much better. I want to thank everyone for all their hard work to make this year great.  Don't forget our meeting this Wedesday  at 7:30 we vote for officers and start working on next year's Schedule. Hope to see you all there. Thats it for now Your Prez Mark

Club News 9/21/13

 Tournament #11 is in the books nice day would have been better if the fish would have bit better. We had a new winner for this tournament Corey Piperato placed first with 5.73 wgt.  and that was as a rider way to go C J, I was second with 4.28 and had lunker 3.31, Braden was 3rd with 3.62, Fran was 4th with 3.61. With one more Tournament to go the standings are very close Dave Beers is still in first place but only by one point Fran again has more Wgt. but bonus points is keeping Dave in first. Braden is only 4.19 lbs. behind, then the next race is for 4th place I'm in 4th but only by .75lbs, Bob Warfsman is right behind me. Tyler is 6.22 lbs. behind us. There is also races for 7th place and 9th place. So you don't want to miss the last tournament it should be a wild one. Hope to see you all there. The pairings for that tournament is Owner #1 Dave Beers, rider C J, Owner #2 John Pip, rider George, Owner #3 Bob O Dell, rider is Mark, Owner #4 Fran, Rider Dennis, Owner #5 Don Murphy, rider Bob W, Owner #6 Tyler, Rider Tom Hawk, Owner #7 Braden. time is 7:00 to 3:00 at Winola lake. We are meeting at 05:00 at the sunoco station off of rte 33 the synderville exit next to the harley dealer. thats it for now your Prez Mark

Club News 9/7/13

A couple more Tournaments are in the books We had 16 entrants at Merril Creek  fishing was so so I thought Fran was 1st, Tyler 2nd,JohnPip 3rd, Braden 4th, and I had lunker. Shohola lake had 13 entrants Fishing again was so so John Pip was 1st and had lunker, Fran 2nd, Dennis Emery 3rd, and Bob Warfsman 4th. The Standings are real close for some 1st and 2nd 4th, 5th and 6th and 8th thru 11th could be anyone's right now. So you might want to make sure to make the last 2 tournament or you may get left behind.  Don't forget our meeting on Wedesday at 7:30 we only have two more meetings for this year to get your dues and FLW dues up to date. See you all Wed. nite. Also I put the pictures from some of the Tournaments that Dave Beers has been taking, they are in the photo gallery, GOOD JOB on the photos Dave they came out great we will have to remember to get some at the rest of the tournaments.Your Prez Mark   

Club News &/20/13

Tournament #7 Merril Creek is in the books we had 15 entrants first time in a long time we had that many at a tournament great job guys! Fishing was tough but we did have 4 limits 35 fish were weighed in total.  Tyler came in first place followed by me than Dave Beers was third and Fran was fourth and also had lunker 3.86 largemouth which is also the new largemouth lunker for this year so far. As far as the standings Dave Beers has a comanding lead of over 8lbs. over second place Fran followed closely by Braden in third  then me in fourth, Bob Warfsman in fifth then Tyler in sixth. There is only 7.94 lbs difference between second an sixth so those places can be changed at any time.  Don't forget our next Turnament at Fairview on August 3rd start time is 4AM. so get there early. That's it for now from your Prez.

Club News 7/6/13

 Another Tournament is in the books alot of fish caught just could not find the bigger ones as you can see by the totals.  First place was 5.25 to last place was 2.37. Lunker was a three was tie with Dave Beers, Bob O'Dell and Dave Friend Roger the WGT was 1.31. Something to think about before next meeting this wed. It does not look like we will be able to fish Minsi in August the leak is not fixed yet I was at the lake last week and at both ramps it was only about 6" of water. So it looks like we will have to have a backup plan. I checked out Mountain Lake in Jersey the ramp is open now and it's free so we could have the Tournament there or still put in a permit for Nockamixon. Any other ideas would be welcome. The standings so far are pretty tight with six Tournaments left anything could happen it might be hard to beat the Smallmouth lunker of 4.19 but the Largemouth lunker is still a good chance of being beat it is only 3.50. Don't forget the meeting this Wedseday hope to see you all there.  That's it for now your Prez Mark Overholt

Club News 5/27/13

 Sorry missed acouple of tournament reports. The results and standings are up on the site now. Spruce Run was a good tournament except for the down pour at the end. We had 45 fish caught for 81.66 lbs total wgt.  Merril Creek was not what we usually get for this time of year I think we missed it timing wise. We had 29 fish caught for 58.09 lbs. total wgt.  Aeroflex was a good tournament fish wise the weather was bad wind and rain We had 45 fish caught for 87.40 lbs. total wgt. So far leading for the lunker of the year is Lunker smallmouth is 4.19 lbs. and Lunker largemouth is 3.50 lbs. The top six places for the year so far are 1st Fran 35.58, 2nd Dave Beers 32.01, 3rd Mark Overholt 26.51, 4th Bob warfsman 25.71, 5th Braden 22.09 and 6th Dennis 18.71. The next six guys are right behind in striking distance. The next Tournament at Oneida has the potential of changing both of the lunker of the year wgts. and also really moving around the standings. Just a reminder for Saturday stockertown youth day try and be there to help out. That's it for now from your Prez Mark Overholt  

Club News 4/27/13

Well a new season has started the first tournament for 2013 is in the books. We had a great day that would have been better if the fish would have bit alittle better. All in all I think everything wet well. Don't forget the next club meeting is may 8th and we pick for three tournaments, Spruce run May 11th, Merril Creek May 18th, and Aeroflex May 25th. We also have to get everything finalized for oneida june 8th and 9th.  Alot to get done this next month. I got the jerseys ordered should have the proof by this Monday or Tuesday will try and email everyone the proof so we can all see it before the club meeting. That's it for now your prez Mark Overholt

Club News 2/23/13

Just an up date on the Schedule we had to change the Gouldsboro tournament to Merril Creek Because they are not giving Tournaments out this year for Gouldsboro so it was voted on at the last meeting to have it at Merril Creek. We are working on the club jerseys yet we picked the main background and have acouple of sponsors so if you want a jersey or two let me know at the next meeting. Also don't forget the next block shoot is March 3rd at stockertown the more people we have to help the more it benefits the club. See you all at the next meeting Your Prez Mark

Club News 11/15/12

Good meeting last nite we got alot done, We picked Lakes and Dates for 2013, Our Banquet is Jan. 19  at Miva jo's @ 12:00. Our regional team is more or less set our Boaters are Fran, Tom, and Braden our riders are Me, Bob Warfsman, and Don Murphy. We have Braden looking into Tournament shirts for us should have some more info down the road. Don't forget the block shoot this Sunday it starts at 10:00 the more people we can have there the better. That's it for now thanks for your time your Prez Mark Overholt

Club News 10/13/12

Last Tournament of the year is done, And for me at least it did not start out very well. On the way there I got a flat on the trailer and did not have a jack that would fit or could I break loose the wheel nuts had to call for help and did get to the tournament I want to thank the guys that stopped to try and help it was greatly appreciated. On to the Tournament started out pretty cold water temp. was below 60 when we started, at least the sun was out and it did warm up later. The fishin was tough except for Braden and his drop shotting he really gave us a beating. So Braden was first with 5 fish, Tom Hawk was second with 2 fish, I was 3rd with 1 fish, Don Murphy was 4th with 1 fish, Bob Warfsman was 5th with 1 fish, And Fran, George, and Tom's Guest did not have any to weigh. NOW for the end of the year standings this was the closest results we have ever had for first place it came down to total number of fish caught which made the difference in total points There was only 7 points separating  first from second. I want to congratulate The top six finishers for this year they are as follows 1st Mark Overholt, 2nd Fran Boylan, 3rd Bob Warfsman, 4th Cory Overholt, 5th Don Murphy, and 6th Tom Hawk . Alot of places went right down to the wire.  I think next year will be alot of fun with all the new guys to compete with looking forward to it and don't forget that no senko tournament! Our next meeting in November we will be picking for Lakes and dates so you don't want to miss that one. Also another Stockertown block shoot is  Sunday October 28th. If we can have four or five guys there again that would be great.  That's it for now. From your Prez Mark Overholt  

Club News 9/29/12

Tournament #11 is in the books, tough day of fishing. If you could find them I guess you could get them to bite, half the field did not find them the other half could only find one or two except for Braden with his drop shot he found three that he got into the boat. Again no limits where bought in. Braden was first with 3 fish one which was lunker, Fran was second with 2 fish, Danny a guest was third with 1 nice smallmouth,Bob W. was fourth with 2 fish, Rich was fifth with 1 fish, Jack Sabo another guest was sixth with 1 fish, I was seventh with 1 fish, Corey P. was eighth with 1 fish and the rest of the field blanked for the day. There are still battles between places with one more Tournament to go there still can be some changes in the standings so be sure to be at the last Tournament in October. We will be picking for that Tournament at the next meeting along with Officers and we will also start picking lakes and dates. Also Anyone that can help out at the Stockertown Block shoot on Sunday October 7th please let me know we can get 25.oo per person that we have there to help.  Hope to see you all at the next Meeting October 10th at 7:30  From Your Prez Mark Overholt

Club News 9/8/12

Tournament #10 is done, started out nice but did not end up that way. The fish where bitting in the morning but got alot slower in the afternoon. No one got a limit acouple of people got close either losing the fifth fish or the fish not making 12". With about 15 minutes left Jon was able to get his fourth fish in the boat and with that 2.88 lb fish got him a tie for lunker with Cory, who also had a 2.88 lb. fish, but was also enough to take first place. I came in second with 4 fish also, Bob Warfsman came in third with 3 fish, Cory was fourth with 3 fish, Braden was fifth with 2 fish, Don was sixth with 3 fish, John Piperato was seventh with 2 fish, beating out his son this time, Tyler was eighth with 1 fish, George was ninth with 1 fish, Corey Piperato was tenth with 1 fish, And Bob O'Dell was eleventh he had 1 to the boat but I wasn't fast enough with the net and it got off My Bad.  Alot of the places are still real close so the top six places get changed around pretty good in the next two tournaments, Merril Creek on the 29th of Sept. and Lake Nockamixon on the 13th of Oct. So good luck to all. Don't forget the club meeting this Wedesday at 7:30 we pick for Merril Creek and have nominations for officers. I think we will be looking for a secretary, Cory will be Graduating  from college in June so he's not sure how his schedule will be so he can't  commit to anything. Hopr to see you all at the meeting  Mark

Club News 8/18/12

Tournament #9 started out wet then got windy with a cold front blowing through, the bass were hitting in the morning for most of us but then shutdown after about 9:30. Then you had to work for them. I ended up 1st with 5 bass and also had lunker, Corey Piperato was 2nd with 5 bass, Don was third with 5 bass, Tom was 4th with 4 bass, Fran was 5th with 4 bass, Bob was 6th with 3 bass, John Piperato was 7th with 4 bass, Rich was 8th with 4 bass, Tyler was 9th with 3 bass, and George was 10th with 1 bass I wasn't a very good guide today sorry about that. The totals between 3rd and 4th are only .62 apart 5th and 6th are only .36 apart and 7th and 8th are only .49 apart with 3 tournaments left for the year this should get interesting!!! Our next tournament is Sept. 8th at Swartswood at 6am to 2pm boat #1 owner is Bob Warfsman rider is Cory Overholt Boat #2 owner is Jon Vito rider is Corey Piperato, Boat #3 owner is Braden rider is Rich Boat#4 owner is John Piperato rider is Tyler, Boat #5 owner is Mark rider is Bob O'dell, Boat#6 owner is Don rider is George Shook.

Club News 7/21/12

Tournament #7 is in the book, overall A surprising day normally not a big bass lake for our tournaments.  But this time One of our new members Tyler Stefanelli got a 5lb 5oz Largemouth. This is the current lunker largemouth for this year. I also weighed a 5lb 7oz smallmouth for a guy on the lake I guess there is some big fish in this lake. Both these fish were returned to the lake alive and well so they can even get bigger. Everyone that fished the Tournament caught a limit. Tyler was 1st and also had lunker, Fran was second, I was third, Corey Piperato was fourth, Don was fifth, Tom was sixth, Cory Overholt was  seventh, and John Piperato was eighth.  Don't Forget our next Tournament at Promiseland upper lake on the 4th of August. Boat #1 owner is Don rider is JonVito, Boat #2 owner is Bob rider is Tyler, Boat #3 owner is Braden rider is Fran, and Boat #4 owner is Tom. The starting time is 05:30 to 1:30 pm Check with Fran about the launch site there is a problem with the normal one we go out of !!! That's it for now Mark Overholt  

Club News 07/07/12

Another Tournament done and what a hot one I'm glad we were off the water by noon. The fishing was alittle slow but we did have three limits and acouple of 4,s. We had four new members fish their first tournament and they all did well. I fished with Jon I think he is going to have a net in his boat by next tournament he had two nice fish up to the boat one was over 4lbs. but got off while trying to lip them. John had a limit, Corey had four, Tyler had two but one was lunker for the day 3.19lbs. and Jon had two. Fran was first with 5 fish 9.94lbs, Bob was second with 5 fish 8.57 lbs, I (Mark) was third with 4 fish 7.00lbs, John was fourth with 5 fish 6.63lbs, Cory was fifth with 3 fish 5.95lbs, Tyler was sixth with two fish 5.07lbs, Corey was seventh with four fish 4.63lbs, Jon was eighth with two fish 2.94lbs Tom and Don just couldn't find any that would make the board. Don't forget out meeting on Wednesday at 7:30pm at the  Stockertown clubhouse. We are picking for Mauch Chunk Lake on the 21st and Promise land upper lake on the 4th of August. If you can not make the meeting let me know if you are fishing either or both tournaments and owner or rider. Thanks hope to see you all Wednesday nite Mark

Club News 07/2/12

 Well what a BLAST I hope everyone had as much fun as I did GOOD FISHING, GOOD FOOD, and the weather pretty much was pretty good a little too windy one or two days. Congradulations too all the winners but a think we were all winners for the weekend. Braden won the best five fish Tournament on Saturday, Then later that day Cory won the lunker Tournament. On Sunday morning Fran won the owner side for total bass weight but if I could have counted my rope and anchor I pulled in I think I could have beat his total. On the Rider side Cory won with 7 fish weighing 17.31 which is pretty good from the back of the boat, it must have been the guide he had.Don't forget Lake Minsi tournament this Saturday start time is 05:00 am to 1:00 pm going out of the west launch the one by the fishing pier.  Then on Wednesday  the 11th is our club meeting hope to see you all there. That's is for now Mark 

Club News 06/10-12

Tournament #5 is history over all was a good tournament fish are in post spawn so they were spread out but everyone seemed to find them everyone caught fish some swallow some deep some in between. senkco's seemed to catch the most, but some came on drop shot and top water. Fran came in first with 5 fish, 2nd was Braden with 5 fish, HAPPY to see Braden doing better and fishing again, 3rd was Cory with 5 fish who seems to be on a hot streak from the back of the boat, see I told you, You can place from the back of the boat, 4th was Tom with 5 fish, 5th was Me with 5 fish but I continue to lose fish I'm going to have to work on that or I won't be taking first place again not with the way these guys have been catching fish, 6th was rich with 5 fish,7th was Don with 5 fish, 8th was Dave his first tournament this year he didn't have 5 fish but he did get lunker 3.06lbs., 9th was Bob with 2 fish he said he's going to have to learn to catch those fish in water over 10' deep. Don't forget our meeting on Wednesday we will be picking for our Oneida trip and going over the details. We also will be picking for Lake Minsi Tournament on July 7th. Well that's it for now Hope to see you all at the meeting, but if you can't make it be sure to let me know if your going to Oneida and or Lake Minsi, also Owner or Rider. 

Club News 05/26/12

Tournament #4 is in the books and we just beat the thunder storm I think most of us ran into it on our way home.  All of us had a 5 bass limit some better limits than others. From the back of the boat Cory came in first and also had lunker 3.56 LM which for now is lunker largemouth for the year so far. Fran was 2nd with 5 fish 10.70, 3rd was Tom with 5 fish 9.00, 4th was Don with 5 fish 8.95, followed by Bob with 5 fish 8.45 and last was me with 5 fish 7.82. Don't forget Saturday June 2nd is youth day at Stockertown we help out at the trout fishing station Hope everyone can be there to help out. Our next Tournament is June 9th at Fairview  time is from 5:00am to 1:00pm, boat #1 owner is Don rider is Cory, boat #2 owner is Bob rider is Rich, boat #3 owner is Fran rider is Joe, boat  #4 owner is tom rider is Dave, boat #5 owner is Mark.  Hope to see you all there Mark

Club News 05/19/12

Tournament #3 is done great weather and the fish kinda were biting. Fran was 1st with 5 fish, Bob was 2nd with 4 fish, I was 3rd with 5 fish and lunker smallmouth 3.94 lbs., and Cory was 4th with 3 fish followed by Tom with 2 fish. Next week 5/26 is Lake Aeroflex 5:30 to 1:30.  boat #1  owner is Bob rider is Cory, boat #2 owner is Fran Rider is Don, Boat #3 owner is Tom rider is Mark. Hope to see you all there. Mark 

Club News 05/12/12

Tournament #2 is in the books another slow bite. The bass seem to be like the weather unpredictable. I topped the list with a limit of 5 fish, followed by Don with 2 fish, then Bob with 2 also, then Tom with 1, Fran with 1, and that was it. Hope things pick up next week we are at Merril Creek Res. The pairings are Boat #1 Mark owner Tom rider, Boat #2 Fran owner Cory rider, Boat #3 Bob owner Joe rider Time is from 6am to 2pm. Hope to see you all there Mark.

Club News 04/28/12

Well we had our first Tournament today man it really started out as a cold windy one. The fish were feeling the cold to they were alittle slow to bite. Fran topped the list with 4 fish followed by Braden with 3 fish and third was me with 2 fish and thats all that were caught. I think it's going to take me acouple of days to warm back up!! Hope to see you all at the next meeting on the 11th of April we will be picking for three tournaments and see what the members that fished thought of the new scales. Ok that's it for now Mark Overholt

Club News 04/20/12

Well the season is about to begin our first tournament is next week at Lake musconetcong, we have six people at this one and we are trying our new scales out I hope things go well. We are up to ten members in the club now with another maybe coming on board in August or September thing are looking good. It looks like we should have an interesting year the weather may have something to do with it, with the early warm weather and very little rain so far this year.  Hope to see you all on the water this year good luck to all.   Mark Overholt 

Club News 01/22/12

At our banquet we talked about doing a weekend trip to Lake Oneida and trying to get some cabins at Charley's Boat Livery. Well Fran called and got us Friday nite and Saturday nite June 29 and 30. This way we can have a practice day on Friday, a Tournament on Saturday and possibly a half day Tournament on Sunday. We got two cabins which sleeps 4 people in each cabin there are also campsites there for anyone that would like to rough it.  I hope these days work for everyone they were the only days open. As we can more information I will pass it on.  Thanks Mark Overholt 

Club News 11/11/11

Had our meeting Wednesday where was everybody ???  Three of us picked lakes and dates for next year at least most of them. They are listed on the schedule page. We left the last three open. We also set the banquet date for Jan. 14th 1:00 pm at miva Joe's in Nazareth same place as the last couple years. We are also getting the plaques from the same place we have for awhile. Our block shoot is this Sunday at Stockertown rod and gun club. try to be there by about 10:00. Hope to you all there thanks Mark Overholt 

Club News 10/15/11

Well another year is done overall I think we had a good year, we had a new high for total weight of 88.96, three guys went over 80 lbs., three guys had personal  bests for yearly total. We actually had two guys pass the previous yearly high that was 86.27. Our last Tournament was a tough one with alot of wind. We did manage to get one limit by Mark who got 1st, Fran got 3 for 2nd, followed by Braden with 1 fish for 3th, and Cory with one fish for 4th. The final standings are listed on the Tournament standings page so check it out and see where you ended up. Also don't forget we pick for lakes and dates next meeting so if you want to make sure your favorite  lake is on the list make sure you are at the meeting!!! Stockertown Club has a block shoot on Oct. 30th so if any one has free time they can always use the help. They are having a breakfast before the shoot I think from 07:30 to 10:00 something like 5-6 dollars per person. Well that's it for now see you all at the next meeting Mark

Club News 8/17/11

Had a great day for fishing on Saturday a good number of fish were caught. For the most part the muskys stayed off our bass! Acouple of nice size bass were caught 4.12 was lunker caught by Braden who also took 1st place with 9.39lbs. I got 2nd with 8.49lbs. followed by Don Murphy 3rd with 6.90 and 4th was Cory with 6.37lbs. Don't forget our next Tournament on the 27th of august at Promiseland upper lake should be alot of fish caught there too nothing big usually but alot start time is 6:00 am hope to see you all there.

Club News 8/12/11

 At our meeting on Wedesday we made some changes to our schedule again. The Sept. 3rd date  was moved to Oct. 1st but still at Merril Creek. We also added Oct. 15th at Lake Hopatcong to the schedule. Saturday Tournament at Mountain lake start time is 05:30 to 1:30 The launch fee is $5.00 .  The next tournament is August 27th at Promise land upper lake start time is 06:00 to 2:00. Both Tournaments are weigh in.

Club News 7/14/11

  At our meeting last nite we made some changes to our schedule Sept. 3rd will now be at Merril Creek and now Sept. 25th at Lake Gouldsboro. July 23th is lake Minsi at 5 am at the back launch the one off the dirt road.


Another great day on the water everyone caught fish just couldn't seam to find the big ones. Fran Boylan was able to find a nice smallmouth to anchor his total for first place, I got second with Braden Hirsch and Don Murphy tied for 3rd followed by Cory Overholt 5th and Tom 6th. The standings for this year continue to be very close with the top two places separated by less than 1/2 a pound followed by 3th place less than 4 pounds away. This year is very much still up for grabs with 6 more tournaments to go. Hope to see you all at the next meeting on Wedesday July 13th at 7:30  at Stockertown Rod and Gun club. Ok thats it for now  Mark Overholt  

Club News 7/3/11

We had a great day for fishing yesterday it would have been better if the bass would have bit for everyone alittle more. Some guys found the bass in the morning Bob Warfsman had a limit that went 14.23 lbs. with a lunker going 4.90 lbs. I came in second with a limit of 7.30 lbs., Dave Cybuck came in third With 2 bass going 6.43 lbs., Cory Overholt was forth with 3 bass going 5.30, Fifth was Fran Boylan with 2 bass going 1.96 lbs. and sixth went to Braden Hirsch with 2 bass weighing 1.91 lbs.  This was our money tournament with the totals will not be added to your yearly total. I told you guys that we missed a tournament on the yearly schedule, well I was wrung I just forgot to put it on the schedule some how I missed Lake Minsi on July 23th. We used our new scale at the last tournament I thought it worked great. With the new scale I think we will have less ties since this one reads in 10ths of a lb. in stead of onces. Well thats it for now our next tournament is on Saturday July 9 at Lake Mauch Chunk start time is 5:00 am at the state launch. This is a weigh in tournament hope to see you there. Mark Overholt

Club News 5/29/11

Well the season is well on its way we have had some good days and some bad days. The Tournament on Saturday was the best so far everyone had a limit. You can check it out on the results page. The standings are pretty much the same as last tournament except for Bob Warfsman moved up in the standings. Our next event is coming up this Saturday the 4th of June helping out at the stockertown youth day, all should be there by 08:45, we will be helping out at the fishing pond. I hope to see most of you there. The next Tournament is at Lake Aeroflex, we usually have a good day there. Thats it for now see you at the meeting in June on the 8th.  Mark Overholt 

Club News 2/19/11

Thanks to everyone for being there for our Block shoot On the 13th of Feb. I think we had a Pretty good one that we should make out well on. If anyone is interested Stockertown's next Block Shoot is on the 6th of March I'm sure they can always use the help. Don't forget Wacky Worm's Annual Spring sale runs from Feb.25th to March 13th They always have some really good deals going on.  As always we are looking for new members so if anyone has any ideas for bringing new members in please let me know and we will try it out. I know most of you have your own camera so lets try and get some pictures at our tournaments so we can put them on the web site. We still need some ideas  for our Tournament in June as far as where and what we want to do for it. Well thats about all I have for now see you all March 9th at our next club meeting. P.S. I did update the tournament Schedule for this year. Thanks Mark Overholt 

Club News 9/9/10

  At the club meeting last night we changed our next tournament at Merril Creek to Sept. 25 th due to only two people would have been able to make it. Only 2 tournaments left to inprove your standings so try not to miss them. We are on another record pace for this year. Don't forget we vote for officers next meeting and also start picking for lakes for next year so have your faverite lake to put on the list. See you all at the next tournament Thanks Mark Overholt

Club News 3/25/10

The Results are posted for the first Tournament for this Year.  For the first one it was a pretty good one for most of us alot of big fish were caught and some pretty good weights were posted. congradulations to Bob for his first place. I hope things continue for our next tournament on May 8th at spruce run. See you all there Thanks Mark Overholt

Club News 02/10/10

Just a quick note to let everyone know that today's meeting is canceled due to the weather. We will meet in March. Hope everyone is safe and stays warm. Thanks Mark Overholt

Club News 11/17/09

The Tournament Schedule for 2010 is up now so mark your calanders for next year.Don't forget our banquet on Jan. 16th at 12:00 at mia joes hope to see you all there. Our next meeting is not till Feb. 10.

Club News 10/7/09

Well another season is in the books and a pretty good one it was.  We tried acouple of new lakes some worked out some did not. The competation for the top spot continued hot and heavy right down to the end. I want to congratulate the top six places for making our team for next years regional, they are the following Myself , Braden Hirsch,  Fran Boylan, Mike Stehnach, Cory Overholt, And Matt Geiser. I hope all of you had as much fun as I did all year. Lets make our main goal for this off season bringing in some new members. It would be great to get our membership up to 15-20 members by next season. Don't forget the meeting this month on Wedesday the 14th at 7:30 at Stockertown rod and gun club.  We are voting in officers and starting to pick lakes for next year. Hope to see you all there.  Your Prez Mark Overholt

Club News 7/21/09

Well the season is about half over and we have quite a competation going on. We all are doing very well this year. The next tournament might be a tuff one Minsi is fishing tuff right now. Hope to see you all there this Saturday from 5am to 1 pm, don't forget we are launching at the east lanch due to the weeds at the normal launch. Then the next tournament is on the delaware river at upper black eddy on August 8th at 5 am. Don if you read this we need to know where the launch site is ? If anyone Gets some pictures at either tournament email them to me and I will try to post them on the website. Thats all for now.

Club News 6/5/09

Just a reminder to everyone about Youth Day at Stockertown tomorrow, to help at the trout pond we should try to be there about 0800 am. Also our monthly meeting on wedesday the 10 th. at 7:30 pm Hope to see you all there for both events. Thats all from for prez Mark Overholt

Club News 5/21/09

Well the season is under way and it does'nt look good for me! Matt is starting great with Braden and Fran right behind him. The Pairings for the next two tournaments are as follows May 23 Lake Aeroflex Boat #1 Owner Don Rider Mike Boat #2 Owner Braden Rider Bob Boat #3 Owner Mark Rider Cory Boat #4 Fran Rider To be named. May 30 Merril Creek Boat #1 Owner Mark Rider Bob Boat #2 Owner Don Rider Mike Boat #3 Owner Braden Rider Cory Boat #4 Owner Fran Rider Matt. Both Tournaments will start at 6 A.m. and end at 2 P.M. Also Don't forget the youth day at Stockertown Rod and Gun Club on June 6th Try to be there by 8 A.M. to help at the trout pond. OK thats it for now from your Prez Mark Overholt

Club News 4/16/09

Well guys the season is about to start it's about time. We have our pairings for the first two tournaments they are as follows  Lake Nockamixon start at 7 am finish 3 pm. on the 25th. Boat #1 owner Fran Rider Mike, Boat #2 owner Braden rider bob, Boat #3 owner Don rider Matt Boat #4 owner Mark rider Cory.   Spruce Run May 9th start at 7 am finish at 3 pm  Boat #1 owner Braden rider Mike  Boat #2 owner Don rider Cory  Boat #3 owner Mark rider Matt  Boat #4 owner Fran rider Bob. Looking forward having as good or better year as last year. From your prez Mark Overholt  


Club News 11/29/08

Got a phone call last week from Rich's wife with the bad news that Rich lost his fight with the illness he was battling. I for one will greatly miss him as part of the club, You could always count on Rich any time help was needed. It was always a great day when he was in the boat with you or you where fishing with him. I know he is in a better place where he is catching all the 5 pounders he can handle!!! Donations can be made in his memony to Hope Lodge, 125 Lucy Ave. , Hummelstown, Pa. 17036

Club News 11/14/08

We had our fundraiser block shoot at Stockertown Rod & Gun Club on Nov. 9th. The shoot went very well and I would like to THANK everyone for coming out to Help THIS MADE THE SHOOT RUN VERY SMOOTH!!! Again JOB WELL DONE BY ALL. Our next block shoot is Feb. 15th ,Also Stockertown will be having their next shoot on Jan. 11th. Hopefully we will have the same numbers of people come out to help again.

We picked the date and place for our year end Banquet it will be on Jan. 10th at miva-jo's at 12 noon

We also picked our tournament lakes and dates. This is posted on the tournament schedule page.

I will try to keep you all updated on any news that comes up. If you have any questions either email me or put it on the blog .

                                                                                     From your Prez

                                                                                      Mark Overholt

Current Club News

    Well another tournament year has come and gone overall I say it was another good year for most. We set another club record for total weight for the year for first place of 86.27 lbs. Also   the first three places where over 70 lbs. The top six places are as follows 1st.) Mark Overholt 86.27 lbs. 2nd.) Don Landis 75.06 lbs. 3rd.) Braden Hirsch 73.34 lbs. 4th.) Fran Boylan 69.52 5th.) Dennis Cygan 57.93 lbs. 6th.) Cory Overholt 45.18 lbs. The lunkers for this year are Largemouth 5.56 lbs. caught by Braden Hirsch at Lake Nockamixon. The Smallmouth Lunker 3.13 lbs. caught by Dennis Cygan at Merril Creek Reservoir. Total combined weight for the year is 462.71 lbs. That was with an average of 7 people per tournament.

   On the down side All our PRAYS are still going out for Rich who is still fighting his illness! Dennis has decided to take the coming year off to do more traveling we are all hoping to see him back in 2010!

During this off season  I think our main goal will be to try and get some new members in the club.  Well thats it for news at this time .

                                                                                           From your Prez

                                                                                        Mark Overholt





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